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  • A combination of 3 of our products that are perfect to use for all sorts of wedding bouquets, corsages and floraldecorations.


    Store the finished arrangements in a cooled place under a constant temperature level, avoid significant changes in temperature. This might cause extensive condensation on the inside of the bag, which will lead to the decay of the flower. 

    Reusable for 2-3 times. 



    €85.00 Regular Price
    €75.00Sale Price
    Excluding Sales Tax
    • A fresh Flower Bag prevents your flowers from welting.

      When a flower, floral arrangement or bouquet is wrapped loosely in a bag, an enclosed and controlled environment will be created.

      Due to the mineral coating on the inside of the bag, the superfluously gasses as ethylene and oxygen are absorbed by the mineral coating. 

      Within the closed bag a constant humidity is created due to the evaporation of the flowers. Thereby, securing the viability of the flowers that are placed inside the bag.

      Keep the flowers at a constant temperature to prevent excessive condensation.

      The used flowers do not need to be placed in water. 


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