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Fresh Flower Bag is an initiative of 3 enthusiastic Dutch flower lovers who have worked all their lives in the floral industry. Tineke Geerlings and Joan Stam as floral designers and Jan de Koning as Photographer and floral designer.


The moment we came across these bags we thought:"This could be very helpful for florists in their daily work".  Fragile floral design as corsages, bridal bouquets and hair crowns can be made at least one day ahead of the wedding day. Hereby reducing stress and an early start on the day of the wedding. 


From our own practical experience, we know that it is so important to control the cost of labour and work effectively.

  • With the Fresh Flower bag, last-minute work can be avoided.

  • With the current growth of online sales, the bags can also be used for the shipping of bouquets in boxes. Flowers packed and shipped in a Fresh Flower Bag will last without water for 3-4 days.

By selling the bags in small quantities we are able to send them in envelopes so they can be delivered by mail, this reduces cost and there is no need for florists to keep large stocks.


If you use the bags or sheets, the following steps are important:​

  • Use fresh flowers that are well drained and without any botrytis 

  • Place the flowers in the bag and close completely

  • Add an ethylene absorbing sachet to the bag

  • Store at a cooled and constant temperature.

  • Avoid temperature changes, this will create moisture at the inside of the bag


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